Cargill introduces global scholars program in 5 countries

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Institute of International Education

Cargill in collaboration with IIE (Institute of International Education) has introduced a fresh scholarship program in India and 4 other countries to help create future prospective leaders. The countries included for the scholarship program are China, Brazil, Russia, the United States and India.

The Cargill Global Scholars program will offer these countries financial support, enrichment opportunities and leadership development to around 200 high-performing and talented undergraduate students for a period of 3 years, choosing a minimum of 10 high academic performing with good leadership quality students from each country per year.

Since long, Cargill has been dedicated to improving the living communities and encouraging higher education.

The global scholarship program will achieve success when the selected students become successful leaders in their relevant industries and communities and be one amongst the alumni of international network of program.

IIE to recognize the scholars will work with particular universities of these countries.  As per the chairman of Cargill India, in the academic year 2012-13, 10 scholarship awards will be granted to students from 5 top science and technology institutes of India. The Indian institutes participating in the scholarship program are Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi; National Institute of Technology, Trichy; Delhi Technological University; Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai and BIT Mesra.”

Along with financial support, scholars will get the opportunity to learn and observe from community and business leaders in their respective countries. The students will also be invited to participate in a series of enrichment and leadership activities designed to develop their skills in critical thinking and will be provided with necessary tools for becoming decision makers and leaders in their respective field of choice.

The scholars will be paired with employee of Cargill including Cargill executives who will be their mentors for the next years.

These mentors will serve students in indentifying and realizing their short and long term professional and academic goals. A scholarship of up to USD 2,500 will be given to selected students per year for a period of 3 years.

In addition to this, each country’s top 5 performers from 2nd year scholar program will be chosen to attend an occasion at the Minnesota, Cargill’s international headquarters or a Cargill-related facility to participate in a week-long Global Leadership Program. Around 50-70 students will be selected from these 5 countries every year.

A group of almost 60 scholars will be chosen in May-June 2013 and will start their 3 year activity program in June-July 2013.

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