Abu Dhabi University launches BA in Arts, Culture and Heritage Management

November 9, 2012 Comments Off

Abu Dhabi University has announced the launch of the Bachelor of Arts in Arts, Culture and Heritage Management, with the first day of classes starting on the 10th of February during the second semester of the academic year 2012 -2013.

The 4- year bachelor program aims to equip students with the professional skills they need to excel in the diverse fields of culture, art, heritage and business management, as well as introduce them to the best international cultural practices and methods of developing successful management strategies of artistic and cultural projects.

Chancellor of Abu Dhabi University Dr. Nabil Ibrahim stressed the importance of the BA in Arts, Culture and Heritage Management as it qualifies students to respond to the labor market’s growing need for experienced professionals in this field.

“The program was designed to supply the national human resources needed to implement many of the cultural and artistic projects that have been planned within the policy agenda of the Government of Abu Dhabi, and it’s Economic Vision 2030. The launch also coincides with the announcement that construction in the Saadiyat Cultural District is on track and will be completed soon, which will transform Abu Dhabi into a global cultural hub drawing visitors from around the world with its institutions, including the Zayed National Museum, Louvre Abu Dhabi, Guggenheim Abu Dhabi and the Performing Arts Centre,” added Dr. Ibrahim.

Dr. Ibrahim explained that the decision to launch the program was made after the University completed an extensive study that monitored the needs of the labor market in the areas of culture, arts and heritage management.

“Furthermore, we ensured that the program’s curriculum was designed in a manner that embedded the use of the widest possible range of resources, to ensure that the degree doesn’t only focus on western cultural practices and heritage, but to include the Arab and Muslim culture and heritage as well,” said Dr. Ibrahim.

On his part, Dr. Radwan Al Jarrah Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Abu Dhabi University pointed out that the program teaches students to identify, analyze and interpret a range of cultural practices and heritage environments of Islamic, Arabic and western traditions, articulate the discourses surrounding the best practices are in the national and international world of museums, galleries, heritage sites.

He added that the program also prepares students with the ability to apply these knowledge bases to the theory and practice of the management and administration of cultural infrastructure to the benefit of both national and international clients.

“With the emergence of the UAE as an international cultural force, graduates of the new BA in Arts, Culture and Heritage Management will have many prosperous employment opportunities that cater to the direction and management of cultural resources and infrastructure such as museums, galleries, theatres, concert halls, opera houses, libraries and arts centers. Or possible opportunities in project development and management in curating and promoting for cultural centers, festivals, fairs, and exhibitions, in addition to the ability to specialize in the arts and cultural journalism or public relations,” concluded Dr. Al Jarrah.

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