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Baharain: Universities debate workshop is underway

The General Organization for Youth and Sports held its first workshop in preparation for the start of the Universities Debate, organized for the first time for university students on November 10-11, where volunteering teams are working on providing workshops for participants from different universities and arbitration teams for the next four days in areas of competitiveness, educational, leadership, and cultural, which enrich the cultural concept of symmetry among ambitious young Bahrainis.

The participants were divided into two divisions debaters and arbitrators, as the first, second and third workshops will highlight the structure of the debate, its definition and how to present these issues to the public.

These workshops will also look into ways of presenting the rules that each speaker must follow, not to interrupt the other team, avoiding the use inappropriate words, refuting the arguments of the other party, and how to summarize the debate for the fourth speaker.

And before the start of the workshops, a team of young volunteers leading the training process in collaboration with Qatar Debates, will provide some entertaining shows that lead up to break down barriers between the participants, followed by a presentation of an explanation on the debate rules that will be held over the next four days.

Aisha Mukhtar, one of the coaches taking part in the workshops, said that organising such workshops pave the way art debaters before starting the main event, especially that the team that was chosen for the training represents a distinct group of young Bahrainis seeking to raise the Kingdom of Bahrain flag high in various forums, have been chosen by their respective universities to represent the nation.
Both Aisha Al Kooheji and Fatima Fouad noted that the presence of university students trained in these workshops to learn about the art of debating is an opportunity for all of them to prove themselves and increase the volume of self-confidence and skills in various fields, in addition to increasing the volume of communication between among various participants.

Salman Ali, representative of Qatar Debate, pointed out that the young Bahrainis have exceptional talent, which he has seen through their presence in last year’s event in Qatar, were 40 students from 22 Arab countries took part.

The current contest, to be held in the Kingdom of Bahrain, is an opportunity to get to know the young Bahrainis’ levels in debating and arbitration field, in preparation for the Arab Championship, which will be held after four months.

Salman Ali noted that the Kingdom of Bahrain is considered one of the leading countries taking part in such debates, noting that the purpose was not only to attend, but also to improve their talents, while organizing programs and events of a local nature, which establishes a solid base of young debaters.

They will come from 10 universities, namely: the University of Bahrain, Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain Polytechnic, BIBF, Royal University for Women, Ahlia University, AMA, the University of Applied Sciences, Gulf University and Delmon University.

These workshops aim to acknowledge the participants on the rule of assets of debates, while daily practical training will take place in order for them to benefit from the main workshops.

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