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No Indian universities make it to the world top 200

IIT Kharagpur

Times Higher Education magazine has recently published its 2012-13 World University Rankings. The California Institute of Technology is at the top of the rankings, with Harvard University pushed into fourth place by University of Oxford and Stanford University, which share the second place.

As with last year, India had no representatives in the world top 200, but three Indian institutions now make the 200-400 ‘best of the rest’ list — all Indian Institutes of Technology — IIT Kharagpur (226-250 band), IIT Bombay (251-275 band), IIT Roorkee (351-400 band).

Phil Baty, editor, Times Higher Education Rankings, said: “More institutions from India are joining this global exercise.”

Considering the aversion of the Indian academic community towards global rankings earlier, what has brought about this change in which more institutions from India are submitting their institutional information and participating in the ranking process?

Baty explains that there are a number of factors at play here. Apart from the fact that Indian institutions are focusing more with regards to promoting themselves to the world, additionally, Indian universities are welcoming a pragmatic and data-driven approach to the evaluation of university-performance . However, he adds, the data suggests that India still has a long way to go.

Despite the fact that the world hires the best brains from India, what stops India from matching up to the standards of global excellence when it comes to world university rankings?

“It is fair to say that Indian universities are lacking a global brand identity. There is no equivalent Harvard , Cambridge or University of Tokyo. The IITs are definitely making progress in this area, but there is still some way to go,” he says.

In a new trend, the leading universities from across the Asia-Pacific region saw improvements. (The Times of India)

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