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Kamikazes to be trained in Azerbaijani universities

Baku State University

Baku State University

Military training courses will probably resume in all Azerbaijani universities staring the next academic year, Azeri MP, Baku State University rector Abel Maharramov said.  Military expert Uzeir Jafarov, in turn, characterized the closure of military departments as an incorrect decision.

“The departments enriched the potential of law enforcement agencies,” the expert said, stressing the need for benefiting from the expertise of CIS universities.

A member of Azerbaijani parliamentary committee on security and defense Zahid Oruj further underscored the necessity of resuming activity at university military departments.

“The student must be ready for service, especially on the frontline. A war in Nagorno Karabakh is inevitable, so are bloodshed and deaths. The country must be ready for all this. Similar issue was seriously discussed in Russia several years ago, with the lack of patriotism in most Russian families resulting in army problems,” the MP said.

Thus, Azerbaijan needs “cannon fodder” trained at sniper schools. Now the students, too, will receive kamikaze training. It’s hard to believe Baku doesn’t acknowledge that young generation of inefficient soldiers will be targeted in the face of a new war.

Just on the contrary, fully aware of the fact, Azerbaijan won’t hesitate to send the young soldiers to their deaths, thus trying to replace the quality by a quantity.

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