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Sports: Four players join the volleyball Aigles Bleues

Université de Moncton Aigles Bleues volleyball coach Monette Boudreau-Carroll is happy that four players have agreed to pursue their studies at the university and play for her team.

Rachelle Lemoine, of Winnipeg, Judith Desjardins and Danika Landry, of Fredericton and Catherine Guitard, of Madran, are attending training camp for the upcoming season.

The athletes played for the Bleu et Or volleyball club in the past year. Guitard is an attacker while Landry plays at centre. Desjardins is a passer and Lemoine is a center with her Manitoba team.

”I played for five months and I really enjoyed it,” said Lemoine, a Winnipeg native. ”My strengths are at centre, where I can block, as well as my serve. I chose l’Université de Moncton because I could study in French and because of its volleyball program. ”Lemoine is five feet ten inches tall and pursues kinesiology courses. She completed her grade 12 at Collège Belliveau.

Danika Landry, of Fredericton, is a first year health sciences student. I chose l’Université de Moncton because it offered the study and sport programs I wanted, ” she added. ”I have been playing volleyball for six years. It is my sport and my passion. I play centre, an area I really enjoy. I have played at most positions, but I always come back to centre.”

This athlete measures five feet 11 inches. She played with the Fredericton Reds for five years, an experience she really enjoyed. ”I take pleasure in playing in a team environment,” she added. ”Each player can help one another to achieve success. The other girls encourage you to progress.”

Judith Desjardins, an École Sainte-Anne graduate, is a first year psychology student. ”Volleyball is my sport,” she said. ”It has given me the opportunity to meet a lot of people. I decided on l’Université de Moncton to study in French and also remain near my hometown. This program gave me the tools needed to succeed in volleyball and my studies.”

Desjardins is five feet six inches tall and has been playing for six years. She is a passer, the second athlete to touch the ball and pass it to the attackers. The position requires speed, a good cardio and strength.

Catherine Guitard measures five feet eight inches and has been a competitive volleyball player for four years. She graduated from l’École l’Odyssée in June and is registered in the engineering program. ”I played for the Bleu et Or team the last year and I really enjoyed the high level of play and competition,” she added. ”I have attended the Eastern Championships. I really enjoy all aspects of volleyball. I enjoy being on the court and give it all I have.”

Regular season play for the Aigles Bleues will begin on October 28th at the Ceps.

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