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Robotics expert bridges human gap at RMIT Gallery

As part of the new exhibition EXPERIMENTA: Speak To Me, the 5th International Biennial of Media Art at RMIT Gallery, Japanese robotics expert Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro will spend two days demonstrating Telenoid, his new tele-operated android.

Regarded as one of the world’s top 100 living geniuses, Professor Ishiguro, director of the robotics department at Osaka University’s Graduate School of Engineering Science, will give up-close demonstrations of the Telenoid on 14 and 15 September.

The Telenoid is a communication device that aims to bridge the gap between humans separated by distance. It is designed according to the minimum requirements to express humanlike appearance and motion.

Able to be interpreted equally as male or female, old or young, Telenoid allows its users to transmit their presence to a distant place.

RMIT Gallery Director Suzanne Davies said that as a global university of technology and design, RMIT was a perfect venue to showcase cutting edge media art.

“Robots are fascinating as we watch them to see how closely they can replicate our actions and behavior, always wondering, can we be fooled?” Ms Davies said.

“These androids are simultaneously gross and completely intriguing. It is no wonder that the arts and sciences have explored the mechanical human for centuries.

“Professor Ishiguro’s demonstrations in RMIT Gallery will challenge our capacity to differentiate between art and science and leave us pondering just how closely can an android simulate reality?”

Experimenta’s 5th International Biennial of Media Art (14 September – 17 November) will showcase interactive contemporary Australian and international artworks that engage with technology. The exhibition Speak To Me questions how we negotiate new relationships to the world, technology and each other.

Many of the international artists in the exhibition will be at RMIT Gallery for the public opening event on 13 September at 7pm. These include Hiroshi Ishiguro, Ryoko Aoki and Zon Ito, Nobuhiro Shimura and Kenji Suzuki from Japan, Shih Chieh Huang from Taiwan and Anais met den Ancxt (scenocomse) from France.

What: Free Telenoid demonstration by Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro

When: Friday, 14 September, and Saturday, 15 September, 11am – 5pm

Where: RMIT Gallery, 344 Swanston Street, Melbourne

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