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Myanmar: Yangon, MDY computer universities upgraded

Yangon Computer University

Yangon Computer University

Yangon Computer University and Mandalay Computer University have been upgraded to centres of excellence for tertiary computer studies effective from the start of the 2012 academic year.

Students will require a matriculation exam score of 450 to enrol in courses at the two centres of excellence, while the entry criteria at 23 other computer universities will remain 360 marks, the state-run Kyemon newspaper reported on August 21.

The deadline for enrolments for 2012-13 is September 12 and classes are expected to start in November.

Both centres of excellence will offer bachelor degrees in computer science, software engineering, knowledge engineering, business information systems, high performance computing, computer communication and networks, embedded systems and computer systems.

The government plans to upgrade the two centres of excellence to ASEAN-standard institutions within five years, the report said. But upgrading all 25 computer universities was not feasible in the short term because of financial and technological constraints, it said.

Ma Nway Tha Zin Aung, a master’s student at Taungoo Computer University, said: “This is great news for students who excel in computer studies and updating curriculums is also a positive move because they need to adapt to new technologies. But the downside is that it will create divisions among the students, with extra status for those who attend the centres of excellence.”

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