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Nigeria: NASENI, Malaysian universities to collaborate on research, development

The National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) has commenced discussions with universities and research organisations in Malaysia to promote science, technology and innovation in Nigeria.

To facilitate the process, the agency led a team from Nigeria to Malaysia to explore possible partnership areas. Of particularly interest to NASENI was technical knowledge transfer in the areas of reverse engineering and advanced manufacturing (AMT).

Acting Director General of NASENI, Dr. Mohammed Haruna, who spoke  in Abuja that his team is interesting in learning how Malaysia science and technology agencies are spearheading advances in science, engineering and technology, harvesting the fruits from active research and development work through commercialization and encouraging industry and commerce to embrace advanced technology.

He said: “Our mission was principally targeted at institutes which were also fashioned in same mandate with NASENI but have technologically advanced in production in their science and engineering development and who are available to play a greater role in technology transfer to stabilize NASENI development towards the nation’s economic and industrial l transformation.”

Haruna said the partnership quest was in line with the mandate of the agency and the transformation agenda of the president as well as develop a strong and vibrant science and engineering technological facilities that the nation would be proud of.

His words: “We are also seeking partnership with the Malaysian government in interesting areas like advances in research and development, high voltage testing laboratory training and re-training of NASENI staff, including learning modern technology business modules.”

A memorandum of understanding is expected that NASENI to be knocked together by both agencies in possible areas of collaboration while short and long term courses for NASENI officials would be a major focus of the partnership deal.

Meanwhile, the agency is fast tracking its reverse engineering project to aid Nigeria’s quest to join the 20 advanced nations by the year 2020.

Haruna said: “When a product is engineered, the process begins with an idea that, working forward, becomes a product. When something is reverse engineered, the process begins with a product that, when examined, reveals ideas and other concepts used to create it. Reverse engineering aims to duplicate the product in order to modify or enhance the original product design.

“The Agency is currently involved in various reverse engineering projects in which a number of machines and processes are being developed after re-designing thereby developing requisite skills and technology in their manufacture and mass production. Reverse Engineering is legal. it does not breach any of the copyright or patenting laws as reverse engineering aims to produce a product that is different from the original.”

Meanwhile, the agency is partnering with Chinese technologists to commence the production of pole-mounted transformers in Nigeria.

The NASENI boss told that some investors from China would soon visit the country for a facility visit to the proposed manufacturing site in Kogi state and possibly sign a pact with the Ministry of Science and Technology to formally commence the relationship.

He said: “The provision of adequate and sustainable power is vital for the growth and development of Nigeria; thus power is one of the seven point agenda and the vision 2020 of the present administration. To this end, NASENI through one of its institutes, Power Equipment and Electrical Machinery Development Institute (PEEMADI), Okene serves as a strategic intervention to meet the urgent foundations needed to transform to a truly developed technology society. To this end, PEEMADI is dedicated to the design, prototype development, construction, manufacture, testing and production of maintenance devices, Pole-Mounted Transformers amongst others, to support the electric Power Industry. Our recent relationship with China would see to the realization of our long dream of producing the transformers in Nigeria.”

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