Sunday , 24 September 2017
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Australian Universities Win Global Recognition

For the first time, the Academic Ranking of World Universities puts 5 Australian colleges in the top 100. Nineteen of Australia’s 37 public universities make the top 500.

Australia now has the third highest number of universities in the top 100. “This is an outstanding result when you consider that the top two countries have significantly more universities than Australia’s 37. There are 4495 universities in the United States and 115 in the United Kingdom” said Minister for Tertiary Education Senator Chris Evans.

“This outstanding result is due in large part to the record $37 billion the Government has invested in our universities, as well as the hard work of Australia’s universities,” the minister added.

Australia is investing an unprecedented $38.8 billion over the next four years to fundamentally change the higher education landscape by improving quality teaching and learning facilities and providing greater access to students from all walks of life.

“Our aim is to have 40 per cent of young people attending university by 2025 and we have already made significant gains with an additional 150,000 students grasping the opportunity of a higher education” said Evans adding, “In a changing economic world, Australia will need a much bigger pool of higher skilled and better educated workers for the jobs of the future. Increasing the number of graduates will boost Australia productivity and ensure our economy has the skilled workers it needs to meet industry’s demand.”

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