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Europe: KSU and KU lay groundwork for Joint Research and Study Centre

 Kingston University On 19 June this year, Rector Prof. Dr. Arūnas Augustinaitis of Kazimieras Simonavičius University (KSU) and Vice-Chancellor Professor Julius Weinberg of Kingston University (KU) signed a memorandum on the establishment of a Joint Research and Study Centre in Vilniuje for the development of Business and Management, Communication, Information Technology and other areas of research and study.

“Kingston University offers the highest level of work-based learning programmes, in which fundamental theoretical training is directly linked to practical application of knowledge, innovation and professional development. Another feature of this method of teaching is its direct relation to recruitment and career opportunities, maximum self-expression, creative work and future prospects of students. All this is in line with our University’s concept of the Career Path system aimed at ensuring that each graduate of our University gets a job or is able to create it himself,” Prof. Dr. Augustinaitis said.

The procedures of co-ordination, inter-institutional assessment and accreditation of joint KSU and KU programmes in Lithuania are expected to be completed by the start of 2013.

“We hope to launch the new Kingston University programmes at Kazimieras Simonavičius University from the autumn of 2013,” Prof. Dr. Augustinaitis said.

“The purpose of this co-operation is to enrich our students’ experience through a combination of the best principles and culture of different education systems into a new and innovative world-class model of study. Our partnership with Kingston University opens up the possibility of UK studies for Lithuania, transfers experience and traditions, and ensures the highest quality of studies. This will facilitate implementation of the objectives of co-operation between higher education, business and society,” Vice-Rector Dr. Austė Kiškienė of Kazimieras Simonavičius University said.

According to Professor Richard Ennals of Kingston University, one of the initiators of this agreement, the successful co-operation and the Joint Research and Study Centre is based on people exchanging ideas.

“We want our future students to play an active role: they will not only learn but will also take an active part in all activities of the study centre, including management,” Professor Ennals said.

The Joint Research and Study Centre will offer students Bachelor and Master degree programmes in Business and Management, Leadership, Project Management, Creative Industries and other areas. These degree programmes will be taught by KSU and KU teachers. The memorandum will also allow the universities to work together on a number of other academic projects.

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