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Uganda Christian University admits 350 to Law class

Uganda Christian University Mukono

When Uganda Christian University Mukono opens for business in September, it will have the largest first-year law class after 347 passed its pre-entry exams.

According to University Spokesperson Vincent Mugaba, more students applied for the course this year, the fourth in which the pre-entry exam has been administered.

“Usually we have less than 200 admitted in this class, but this year we have admitted 347 because those are the ones who passed,” Mugaba said.

In a statement, UCU indicates that 818 students applied to sit for the exams, but only 347 have been admitted for the 2012 intake. Last year, 536 applied for the course but only 161 were taken. In 2010, 852 applied but only 150 were admitted compared to the previous year (2009), when 600 applied, with 104 securing admission.

This pre-entry exam comes a month after Makerere University’s Law school administered its own version in a groundbreaking break with past procedure, where the university simply took in the best A-level students. Since the Law Council approved the move in 2009, Uganda Christian University Mukono has been running the pre-entry exams every year.

The dean of UCU’s faculty of Law, Dr Pamela Kalyegira, says the exams have helped stem the tide of problem students – those without the special attributes that the class demands, such as a questioning mind that is able to deal with matters logically.

These students were also linked to the high failure rate at the Law Development Centre, where graduates often end up, to study the bar course, before they become advocates. The Islamic University in Uganda is due to administer the exam for its applicants to the Bachelor of Laws degree in August.

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