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Austria: New registration deadlines at universities

From Autumn 2012 universities throughout Austria are introducing a uniform registration deadline for admissions. Students hoping to begin their study this Autumn must register by 5th of September for the winter semester and by 5th of February for entry in the winter semester.

Science and Research Minister Karlheinz Töchterle said: “Until now our universities didn’t know how many students they would have starting their studies in October until the middle of September at the earliest. This was turning into a difficult situation.”

Eleven out of the 21 universities in Austrian have implemented this deadline. In addition there has been some deadlines introduced for subjects such as psychology, sports science and media studies which have entry exams. These deadlines vary from university to university.

On the homepage applicants can gather more information about deadlines. The registration deadlines to continue studies remain the same – 30th November and 30th April respectively.

These new regulations replace the need for the pre registration introduced in 2011 where students had to register online before officially registering their study. This system did not work as planned.

Martin Polaschek, leader of the Uniko, confirmed that until now the majority of students registered between the middle of September and beginning of October. This meant that often many more students than expected enrolled.

The aim of the new plan is to be able to plan for exact numbers, arrange lecture theatres which are large enough, arrange enough lecturers and improve quality at the universities.

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