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Australia: University courses to be offered in Young

Australian Catholic University

A school in Young has struck a deal to offer university courses for its students who are unable to pursue tertiary education. Hennessey Catholic College and the Australian Catholic University are forming a partnership to teach subjects, like nursing and teaching.

The school’s principal Doctor Peter Webster says 86 per cent of his pupils were accepted for university last year, but 22 were unable to take up the offer. He says the uni will pay for the students’ textbooks and they will not be charged fees. Doctor Webster says it is unfair that people are not able to accept university places because it is too expensive.

“It’s catering for this particular need,” he said. “If they don’t go to university they need to do a gap year so they can obtain a youth allowance in the following years to be able to afford to go to university. “I think this is really exciting.”

Doctor Webster says the deal will not affect other pupils and staff. “The cost for the staff and the cost for the school is catering for the needs of these students.

“When the bell rings at the end of year 12 our students are still very important to us and we have a particular need in this area.  “This program, in some ways, manages to cater for that disadvantage.” The courses will start in July.

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