Stevens-Henager College Announces $6 Million in New Scholarships

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Stevens-Henager College Announces $6 Million in New Scholarships

Stevens-Henager College

Scholarships Assist Nontraditional Students in Achieving Professional Goals

Stevens-Henager College, a leading provider of on-campus and online higher education, today announced 14 new scholarship programs worth $6 million annually.

All of the new scholarship programs may be awarded on a quarterly basis to recipient students at each Stevens-Henager campus and the campuses of its sister schools, CollegeAmerica and California College San Diego.  The number of scholarships that each campus may award per quarter will be based upon the campuses enrollment size.

“The cost of a college education is rising across the country and Stevens-Henager College is defying this trend by offering the largest scholarship program in its 120-year history,” said Eric Juhlin, CEO.

“At Stevens-Henager, we recognize that many people who want to earn a college degree don’t always fit the traditional student mold. These scholarships are designed for those types of people and have nothing to do with how someone performed academically in high school. Our hope is that these scholarships will help hundreds of students bring their career goals within reach.”

These new scholarships target students that research has shown to be most in need of financial assistance. Specific aid will be awarded to single parents, professionals already in the workforce, first-time college students, entrepreneurs, and students studying in fields such as healthcare, nursing, IT and graphic design. Stevens-Henager also has financial aid planners at each campus to assist students with every step of the traditional financial aid application process.

Research has shown that people without a high school diploma face nearly three times the unemployment rate compared to those with a bachelor’s degree and that they will earn (on average) less than half the income over their lifetime.

“A scholarship can make the difference between a student obtaining a degree or not attending college at all,” Juhlin continued. “By providing these new scholarships and other programs through our Good Neighbor Initiative, we fulfill our commitment to helping individuals improve their lives.”

For more information about Stevens-Henager’s scholarships or to arrange a visit to one of the campuses, visit

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