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2012 PhD Position in Trait-based Analysis of Ocean Life

PhD Position in Trait-based Analysis of Ocean Life at Department of Physics and The National Institute for Aquatic Resources at Technical University of Denmark, 2012

Study Subject: Trait-based Analysis of Ocean Life


Course Level: PhD

Scholarship Provider: Technical University of Denmark

Scholarship can be taken at: Denmark 

Eligibility: We envisage an ecologist with proven quantitative skills or a physicist/mathematician/engineer with a keen interest in ecology. Candidates should have a master’s degree with an academic level equivalent to a master’s degree in engineering. 

Scholarship Description: The project(s) should develop the basis for understanding trait distributions of life in the ocean as a function of the biotic and abiotic environment. The project(s) may involve modeling of fish or zooplankton communities. For the modeling of the fish community, the project may be based on developing practical applications of existing trait-based models of the fish community or develop the models to move beyond “size” as a trait, e.g. benthic/pelagic habitat preference, investment in activity etc. Alternatively the project could revolved around determining trade-offs of various activities (feeding, mating etc.) of zooplankton in an experimental setting using high speed video, micro-scale PIV, or other approaches.. Measured or already determined trade-offs may be used to develop models for trade-offs and trait-distributions. Relevant traits to consider may be: size, investment into autotrophy vs. heterotrophy, feeding mode, development of protection etc. The models could take the form of optimization models or rely on already established modeling frameworks for the hydrodynamics of a water-column or a global ocean circulation model. Emphasis of the project can be experimental or modeling, or both. 

Apply: Online

Deadline: 15 August 2012 

Further Scholarship Information and Application

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