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University of Sunderland opens new campus in London

University of Sunderland

University of Sunderland

The University of Sunderland is about to open a new campus in London as part of its plans to expand its international business.

The launch of the University of Sunderland London Campus, at Canary Wharf, follows a long-standing and successful relationship with private educators EThames. The new arrangement sees the university assume full responsibility for the campus, including the delivery of a range of business related programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

The agreement is part of the university’s vision to further develop its international recruitment operation. The new campus, in the heart of the capital’s financial district, gives the North-East institution a much stronger foothold in London, making it even more attractive to international students. Professor Peter Fidler, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sunderland, said: “Our reputation in London is already strong, particularly with international students.

“However, the new University of Sunderland London Campus will raise our profile significantly and open up a range of new opportunities. “Having a physical presence in the capital, especially in such an important area, will not only have a significant impact on our business, but will also raise the profile of Sunderland as a city, as well as the wider region.”

The expansion of the University of Sunderland’s business in the UK follows several years of growth in key international markets. The university is acknowledged nationally as one of UK’s the top five providers for transnational education – the provision of higher education in countries abroad.

The institution provides academic programmes on a large scale in countries and areas such as Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Vietnam. The university was the first institution in the UK to receive a license to operate in Vietnam. As well as reinforcing its presence in South East Asia, the university is growing its international business in new markets, such as emerging areas like Central Asia and developing parts of Africa.

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