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Pak universities fail to get place in QS world rankings

While the University of Cambridge has retained its honour for being the best university in the world, Pakistani universities have not been able to make it into the world ranking of top 200 universities prepared by the Quality Standard World University Rankings for the year 2011.

The fact that no university in Pakistan has succeeded to find a place among the world’s superior educational institutions speaks volumes about the deteriorating standard of education in the country. The QS World University Rankings 2011 shows that top 16 positions in the world ranking had been grabbed only by the varsities in USA and UK.

University of Cambridge, UK and Harvard University, US are on number first and second like the previous year. On the whole, United States and United Kingdom have dominated the list with 54 and 30 universities respectively out of the 200 listed universities.King Saud University of Saudi Arabia is the only university from the Muslim world which has managed to find a place among the universities, though it too is on the 200th position. Last year it was ranked 221.

The list includes universities from France, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Brazil, Singapore, South Africa, China, Japan, Canada etc as well as UK and USA, but this year again, no Pakistani institution of higher learning was deemed good enough to be included on the list of QS World University Rankings. The sorry state of affair also shows the priorities of Pakistan’s ruling elite, who have no interest in upgrading the standard of education in the country.

In the list of top 10, there are six American and four British universities. It is important to mention here that the QS World University Rankings evaluates six key aspects of university activity using the most recent data available at the time of publication.

The six aspects include: academic reputation, citations per faculty (research quality), faculty student ratio (teaching quality), employer reputation (graduate employability), number of international faculty and number of international students.

The top 15 universities in the list of 200 are:

1. University of Cambridge (UK)

2. Harvard University (US)

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

4. Yale University (US)

5. University of Oxford (UK)

6. Imperial College London

7. University College London (UCL)

8. University of Chicago

9. University of Pennsylvania

10. Columbia University (US)

11. Stanford University (US)

12. California Institute of Technology

13. Princeton University (US)

14. University of Michigan (US)

15. Cornell University (US)

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