The Gilbert & Marcia Kotzen Scholars Program

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The Gilbert and Marcia Kotzen Scholars Program is a competitive merit award that recognizes the best and brightest students interested in a transformative education at Simmons College. This is the most prestigious award offered at Simmons, and acknowledges excellence through focus on study abroad, scholarly research, and intellectual curiosity.

The scholarship covers full tuition, mandatory fees, and room and board. An additional annual award of $3000 is given for study abroad, short-term courses, summer internship tuition, or research support. The scholarship is awarded for the duration of a four-year period of full-time undergraduate study, and supersedes any previously awarded merit scholarship.

Learn more at Students who meet the criteria below, are often also interested in the Simmons Honors Program. Visit to apply.

Students who possess the following criteria are invited to apply for the scholarship:

* An SAT score of 1850 or higher, or equivalent standardized test scores

* A 3.3 or higher grade point average

* The recommended college preparatory curriculum

* An advanced level math course beyond Algebra II during, or prior to, their senior year of high school

* A record of taking honors, advanced placement (AP) and international baccalaureate (IB) courses, as available in their high school systems

The Application Process

The application consists of two parts: a short answer and a formal essay. Students should submit these as one document via email to with the subject line “Kotzen Application.” On each page of the document students should include their full name and date of birth.

Part I: Short Answer

How would you use your additional annual award of $3000 (for study abroad, short-term courses, summer internship tuition, and/or research support)?

Part I: Formal Essay

In what manner can a woman most effectively lead change in today’s world?

The Simmons College admission staff would be happy to answer your application questions. To contact a member of the admission staff  please call 800-345-8468 or email us at

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