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Confusion at South Sudanese universities in Khartoum

South Sudan universities in Sudan are in a dilemma after Khartoum insisted they must apply for fresh accreditation.

There are thousands of South Sudanese studying in Khartoum and other universities around Sudan. The UN estimates the number of South Sudanese nationals in Sudan at 700,000. Thousands are being forced to relocate to South Sudan as their citizenship is bound to be revoked in April.

Last week, Sudanese students at Bahry University in Khartoum North, formerly known as Juba University, protested to pressure the administration to let them graduate from Juba University, the mother institution.

Juba University was temporarily moved to Khartoum North during Sudan’s civil war. It moved back to the South Sudanese capital after the peace agreement was signed and the university in the Sudanese city known as Khartoum North had its name changed to Bahry.

On Sunday, the representatives of the affected students from Bahry University handed a memorandum to the Parliament stating that the matter would affect their entire future unless immediate action was taken. The Sudanese Students Union plans to send a delegation to Juba next week to try and resolve the Bahry University dilemma.

Bahry University will not be allowed to award degrees before it completes four years, leaving the students who have joined Juba University at risk of getting their degrees several years late. South Sudan President Salva Kiir was Monday expected to meet two Higher Education ministers in his government to discuss a memorandum to be signed with Sudan.

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