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Max Colleges affiliated to any university should be 100: UGC

An UGC expert committee looking into the present affiliating system has recommended that maximum number of colleges to be affiliated to any university in the country should be limited to 100.

The 12-member expert committee set up to suggest ways to streamline the system so as to de-burden the universities, has also underlined the need for promotion of autonomous colleges and pushing for cluster college system.

Significantly, the committee has suggested division of the existing state universities with large number of affiliated colleges into smaller varsities.

They could be separate non-affiliating multi-disciplinary universities and as exclusive affiliating universities with limited number of colleges affiliated to them.

However, all categories of upgrading as universities need to be provided only after due academic and administrative assessment processes, the committee said.

It said new universities to be established either by state or central governments should preferably in districts where there is no university. To ensure quality, the committee recommended that all central and state universities could have 5 to 10 autonomous colleges to be mentored by the parent university as “model colleges” so that they can be role models to be emulated by other affiliated colleges.

It said affiliation of colleges to any university shall have to be in strict accordance with the UGC (Affiliation of colleges with Universities) Regulations, 2009 as amended from time to time.

The committee also suggested that all states should have ‘State Council for Higher Education’ with uniform structure and functional norms as a link between UGC, state governments and state universities and to facilitate academic coordination between colleges and universities.

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