Tuesday , 24 October 2017
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National University College Launches Spanish Online Associate Degree in Entrepreneurship

National University College’s Online Division, providing online degree programs taught in Spanish, announced the addition of a new associate degree in business administration with a major in entrepreneurship.

The associate degree program provides students with administrative and managerial training with a focus on the entrepreneurial skills needed to plan, implement, develop and operate their own businesses in today’s changing economy.

Along with the associate degree major in entrepreneurship, National University College’s Online Division offers students throughout the United States the opportunity to earn associate, bachelor and master degrees fully online and in Spanish with areas of emphasis including business administration, criminal justice, information technology and education through its competitively priced, accredited programs.

New classes start every seven weeks, with flexible schedules designed to fit the busy lifestyles of adult learners.

“As the Hispanic population grows rapidly across the country – the rate at which Latinos are opening their own businesses is even greater,” said Jonathan B. Morris, Senior Vice President of National University College’s Online Division (NUCO). “Hispanic entrepreneurship rose more than 43 percent in the last Census count.”

“We’re pleased to offer students a major that prepares them for the demands of the emerging economy and fulfills the interest students have shown in business creation and operations,” Morris added.

NUCO is the online division of National University College, which has offered degree programs and training for 30 years in Puerto Rico.  National University College is a a member of the Eduk Group, the largest private postsecondary education company in Puerto Rico uniquely focused on offering career-oriented programs to students in Spanish.

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