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More students opting for low cost public universities

Has the falling rupee affected MS Universities applications? A study by an online portal points towards the changing trends in higher studies abroad to US universities by Indian students.

The study shows that in 2012, more students have applied to public universities, where tuition fees are comparatively much lower than at private universities.

Among more than 1,000 applications analyzed, the trend is towards lower fees structures. Around 17% students applied to universities with a fee less than USD 15,000, while almost 40% of applications have been to universities with fees structure between USD 15,000 to USD 20,000.

In 2011, 43% preferred public universities which have increased to 62% in 2012. Students have applied most to universities like San Jose State University and University of Florida while the popularity of private universities like North Eastern University saw a decline in applications.

Mohit Gundecha, CEO, said: “Indian students are stuck in the dilemma between affordability and preference. We have not seen a drop in applications; however, the choices are towards affordability this season. We also see increasing number of students applying to scholarships and interest free loans to relieve the burden to a certain extent.” (The Times of India)


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