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Russia: One credit per customer

A new procedure for admission approved the Ministry of Education and Science, Russia. Beneficiaries will now be able to use their privilege only once all the data about the entrants will drive in one database, and allow universities to set a minimum number of points and not take those who did not receive this amount. Reduce the number of budget places, although high school graduates this summer will be much more than a year earlier.

Russian universities to must have been published on their websites the rules admissions this year. The order in which laid up the rules, approved last week by the Ministry of Education and Science.

From the order that benefit recipients will now be able to take advantage of their privilege in only one university and one specialty to hand over original documents and other specialties and in other colleges should act on a common basis.

Law allows the candidate to apply simultaneously in five universities and three departments or specialties in each of them. In the last year of enrollment in higher education, according to the Ministry of Education and Science, was 4.6% of recipients of benefits for health and 2.1% of the winners of competitions.

When submitting documents supplied will be obliged to sign a paper saying that he agrees to the processing of their personal data, and the next day, the data must be entered into a common registry. This is done to avoid the appearance of applicants on the list of “dead souls” to non-existent certificate exam, as happened last summer at the Medical University named after Pirogov.

In addition, universities allowed to introduce additional exams in core subjects or creative, and two universities – Moscow State University and St. Petersburg State University – exams in those subjects in which the leadership of these institutions may deem fit.

Total examination subjects shall be not less than three and not more than five. number of budget places will decrease from 437.3 thousand to 428.6 thousand in the Ministry of Education and Science last year’s shortfall is explained by 3.3 thousand people, moreover, that in some universities enrolled in state-financed places graduates with the results of exam score below 50, which is between three and two.

However, the number of school graduates is projected to Ministry of Education, this summer will increase from 657 thousand to 711 thousand a result, cost per thousand seats will not qualify a graduate in 1502, and 1659. Last year, many applicants were shocked when, in May, came into force on the order Ministry of Education to amend the list of items handed over to a large number of specialties.

Graduates of the schools were in a situation where getting ready for an exam on the subjects, and the need to take the other. In the Ministry of Education then explained what had happened to the two-shift system of education (bachelor and master), and piled the blame on the Ministry of Justice, which has tightened the registration of the order, and the universities, which in time has not notified their students.

Current list of exam items had approved in November last year. At the request of “NO” on possible changes in the coming months at the time of signing of the Ministry of Education number is not answered. However, the Ministry of Education website published a draft order, according to which for those entering the area, “Anthropology and Ethnology” exams in biology, mathematics and chemistry at the decision to replace the examination of the history, geography and foreign language.

Enter into force if the order until the end of this academic year is unknown – Ministry of Education on this issue is also not responding. Number of budget places in the magistracy to grow by 16.5% (from 53.4 thousand to 62.2 thousand), but remain at times less than the number of bachelors competing for those places.

The total number of students from the budget, as predicted by Ministry of Education, in the coming years will be 2.5-2.6 million, or slightly more than a third of university students. At the same time increase the range of areas such as energy, metallurgy and production of weapons and reduce the economic, social sciences and agriculture, where an excess of specialists.

Almost 10% decline acceptance to graduate school – from 29.4 thousand to 26.7 thousand people. School graduates until 2009, when entered the exam, will enter higher education for results of examinations, assessments on which to put up stoballnoy scale. People with disabilities, have not yet passed the exam, will also take the exams.

However, they have provided many benefits. For example, as desired, instead of a written examination, they can take the oral, to perform tasks for 1.5 hours longer than ordinary students, and assisted by an assistant, including in the design work and communicate with the examiner.

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