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Won National University convened by the Japan

National University won the Grant Assistance for Human Security Community Projects delivered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

According to Paulo Cesar Gautama, advisor to the Vice Presidency of the UN General This non-refundable financial assistance of 196 million pesos, will be materialized in the construction of the Pacific Studies Center at the site where the AN will be based in Tumaco.

The winning of the UN proposed the building of a site aimed at cultural and academic activities with people from the rural coastal town.

According to an official communication from the Embassy of Japan, next week the prize will be formalized, the invitation, which is published annually, was held in the second period last year.

“The Pacific is a bridge between America and Asia, but we believe that this support in particular, is absolutely fundamental to impact what is the beginning of a headquarters for its sustainability because it responds to a national interest,” said A rector General of Colombia, Beatriz Sanchez.

“At this moment we are looking, in the midst of a financial crisis for public universities, external resources to consolidate the project, and we have won this competition with Japan joins a series in which we played with positive results for the project possible, “Sanchez added.

For his part, Peter Lowy, director of the Institute of Pacific Studies at Headquarters Tumaco, said the headquarters and the Institute and the Municipality have a physical space in which ICT will accommodate classrooms that are part of efforts national entities. “And the award we received from the Embassy of Japan becomes another contribution for the batch of 30 km Tumaco-Pasto,” said the rector.

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