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Putin: We need to change vector in the field of education

 Prime Minister Vladimir Putin considers it necessary to  change the vector of development of education and use the  drive, which is the youth for her higher education.

Chief Editor of “expert” Valery Fadeyev Putin at a meeting  with the leaders of the Russian media noted that the  dominant pragmatic idea: education, he said, is the system  serving the farm. However, in the article, Putin, published  in “Izvestia”, said that education is certainly valuable, and  the state must adapt to the needs of people. Fadeev  wondered whether there is a contradiction.

Putin believes that there is no contradiction between policy  departments and the fact that he wrote in a paper published  this week in “Izvestia”, no.

“You need a certain vector change, you need to turn the economy is consistent with our national interests”, – Putin said at a meeting with managers and chief editors of Russian TV and radio and print media.

He noted that certain stagnation in the work of ministries, of course, is present.

“The ministries and departments which are engaged in the educational process, are set out to meet the demands and requirements of the people”, – Putin said. He stressed that Russia’s young people “is the inner margin to education and access to new intellectual position.” “This trend, and this drive to our youth, we should use” – Putin added.

At the same time, he noted that there is a negative is that the labor market will be about 80% of the population with higher education.

“Today, if we’re talking about creating 25 million jobs skilled – you know, today’s jobs demand people with higher education. I am often at work, I can see, these complex machines, such sophisticated equipment is used today, and there really in demand are people with higher education, and work people with higher education, and they are happy with their situation, “- said the head of government, noting that they have decent wages and demand for knowledge.

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