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START students study abroad down under

 Through a unique study abroad course  offered by START, 10 students are going  “down under” this winter break to gain  a more thorough understanding of  terrorism and counterterrorism. At  Sydney, Australia’s Macquarie  University, the students will study the  ways in which different countries –  particularly Australia and those in the  Pacific Rim — conceptualize and  approach the problem of preventing,  deterring and mitigating the impacts of  terrorism.

Terrorism experts from the region and  Macquarie University’s Policing,  Intelligence and Counterterrorism  Center will discuss the hard and soft  power approaches, offensive and  defensive approaches, and law  enforcement versus military versus  international organization approaches  for counterterrorism.

The students will be in Sydney Jan. 8 – 20. For more information on other educational opportunities at START including the graduate certificate, visit here. Applications for the graduate certificate are due Feb. 15.

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